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Lamborghini Auto Body Shop & Collision Repair in North Hollywood

Improve Your Lamborghini’s Performance and Safety with Expert Lamborghini Collision Repair in North Hollywood.

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Best Lamborghini Collision Repair in North Hollywood, CA

Lamborghinis are celebrated for their sleek structural design, formidable power, and of course, their speed. Our technicians at NB Collision Center appreciate the craftsmanship and sophistication that define this vehicle, sharing your passion for its exotic allure.

Lamborghini Certified Body Shop In North Hollywood

When you choose a Lamborghini Collision Center in North Hollywood, you can be confident your car will look like new again. Our technicians know Lamborghinis inside and out. They’ve passed strict quality audits and use only Genuine Lamborghini Replacement Parts and approved equipment. We have a special bench designed just for Lamborghini to ensure repairs are done perfectly. Our team is trained in the latest techniques to restore your car’s strength and safety to how it was before the accident.
For top-notch Lamborghini collision repair in North Hollywood, our Lamborghini-certified body shop is your best choice.

Why choose NB Collision Center for Lamborghini collision repair in North Hollywood

When you choose NB Collision Center for your Lamborghini collision repair in North Hollywood, you’re selecting unparalleled expertise and care for your prestigious vehicle. Most Important reasons why to have your Lamborghini repairs at NB Collision Center:

Lamborghini Certified Technicians

Our Lamborghini auto body shop in North Hollywood employs technicians specially certified by Lamborghini, ensuring they possess the precise skills and knowledge required for Lamborghini vehicles.

Specialized Diagnostic Equipment

We invest in the latest Lamborghini-approved diagnostic tools and software, enabling accurate identification and swift resolution of any issues with your Lamborghini.

Authentic Lamborghini Parts Guarantee

Your Lamborghini deserves authenticity. That's why we exclusively utilize genuine Lamborghini parts that meet the manufacturer's stringent quality standards, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Advanced Repair Techniques Utilized

Embracing innovation, we utilize quality equipment and technology to diagnose and repair your Lamborghini efficiently, minimizing downtime.

Personalized Client Care

At our Lamborghini Certified Body Shop in North Hollywood, delivering personalized customer service is our priority. Our courteous and knowledgeable team provides tailored support for your luxury vehicle.

Exceptional Quality Assurance

Our Lamborghini Certified Technicians uphold the highest standards of repair quality, ensuring your Lamborghini returns to its pristine condition.


Enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive warranty coverage on all repairs and parts, ensuring prompt resolution in the rare event of any post-repair issues.

Vehicle Replacement

We offer rental cars or temporary loaner vehicles to keep you mobile while your Lamborghini is in our care.

Visit our Lamborghini collision repair in North Hollywood, where we guarantee our workmanship with Certificates and a written Lifetime Warranty. Contact us today for all your Lamborghini collision repair needs in North Hollywood and surrounding areas.

Our Works

At our BMW-certified collision center in North Hollywood, we meticulously repair your BMW to factory standards, ensuring its restoration to its original condition with a paramount focus on your safety.


Lamborgini Collision Repair FAQs

After ensuring your safety and that of others involved, contact emergency services if needed. Then, if possible, take photos of the accident scene and gather contact information from witnesses. Contact your insurance provider to report the incident and seek advice on the next steps.

Repair times can vary significantly based on the extent of damage and availability of parts. Simple repairs might take a few days, while more extensive damage could require weeks or even months, especially if parts need to be sourced directly from Lamborghini.

Lamborghini’s warranty typically covers defects in materials or workmanship but not collision damage. However, you may have options for extended warranties or additional coverage that could include collision repairs. Check your warranty details or consult with your Lamborghini dealer for clarification.

Choose a repair shop that specializes in Lamborghini vehicles and is certified by Lamborghini. Ensure they use genuine Lamborghini parts and follow manufacturer repair guidelines. Regularly communicate with the repair shop for updates on the repair progress. For expert Lamborghini collision repair in North Hollywood, consider visiting a certified body shop.

Practice defensive driving techniques and avoid aggressive maneuvers. Regularly maintain your car, including checking brakes, tires, and lights. Consider installing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) or parking sensors to improve safety.