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Car Bumper Repair
in North Hollywood

Fixing Scratches, Dents, Tears, and Cracks!
We Work With Insurances
Specialized in Bumper Repair and Paint, our Affordable and Fast Bumper Repair Shop in North Hollywood, CA, is your go-to destination for all bumper repair needs.
When your luxury car is in a collision, the bumper is often the first part of the car to engage the impact. Bumpers are crucial, as they prevent significant damage to the rest of your car but sustain damage themselves. For this reason, you want bumpers that operate as they are designed to do. At NB Collision Center, we specialize in luxury car bumper repairs and replacements, providing top-notch collision bumper repair in North Hollywood.
The primary parts of the bumper assembly include:
Bumper Repair Cost in North Hollywood
Costs associated with bumper replacement or repair arise from
With these things in mind, a bumper replacement or repair at our center can cost between $250 to $1200 or, in some cases, more. Get in touch with our bumper repair shop in North Hollywood for a fast and free repair estimate.
Car Bumper Repair Vs Replace
At NB Collision Center, our skilled estimator will provide you with the safest and financially sound options to choose from for your car bumper repair in North Hollywood.
Car Bumper Repair in North Hollywood
In the case of minor scratches or dents on your luxury car’s bumper, the suggested solution would be to repair it. Small bumper dents can easily be pulled out, and scratches can be rinsed off, scrubbed, wiped, sanded, or covered up. Our North Hollywood bumper repair expertise ensures your car returns to its pristine condition.
How Long Does It Usually Take To Repair A Bumper?
Depending on the extent of the damage, the bumper repair at our North Hollywood shop can take anywhere from 1 hour to 4 business days.

Collision Bumper Repair



We will schedule the bumper repair at your convenience while we begin preparations for the jobs.


Bumper Repair

Using the most advanced equipment available our experienced technicians will fully repair your luxury car as fast as possible.



You can either choose to pick up your car or have us deliver it after our staff meticulously cleans and tests it for optimal performance.

Why Choose Our Car Bumper Repair Service
in North Hollywood

Licensed Technicians

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with expertise in advanced bumper repair techniques.

Competitive Pricing:

We provide competitive rates and full transparency in cost estimates for all bumper repair services, ensuring affordability and clarity for our clients.

The Use of OEM Parts

We utilize authentic OEM parts to ensure both compatibility and long-lasting durability.

Adhering to Service Deadlines

At our bumper repair shop in North Hollywood, we pride ourselves on adhering to service deadlines, ensuring your bumper repair is completed promptly and efficiently.

Working with All Insurances

We collaborate with all insurance providers to ensure a seamless and stress-free repair experience for you.

Guaranteed Workmanship

We provide a lifetime warranty or assurance on all luxury car bumper repair services.


Our bumper repair services are backed by proven quality, as evidenced by the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

Vehicle Loaner Service

We offer rental cars or loaner vehicles to keep you mobile during the servicing of your luxury car.

Our Work

At NB Collision Center, our meticulous approach to car bumper repair in North Hollywood guarantees your luxury vehicle is restored to its original glory with unmatched precision and care. The quality of our work serves as a testimonial to our dedication and expertise in vehicle restoration.